The Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas is an Equal Opportunity Employer with equal opportunity programs and services in Local Area IV

To Accomplish this we:

  • Ensure our facilities, programs, services, information and equipment are accessible to individuals with disabilities
  • Expend reasonable efforts to meet the specific needs of individuals with limited English proficiency, regardless of the numerical significance of the group to which he/she belongs
  • Review all local plans, contracts, and agreements to ensure they contain the required nondiscrimination assurances
  • Communicate our dedication to providing equal opportunity to our community, our partners, and our customers
  • Treat complaints and concerns in the prescribed manner giving them the attention they deserve
  • Train our staff and partners to uphold our dedication to equal opportunity
  • Designate individuals responsible for compliance with the spirit and letter of the laws regarding equal opportunity
  • Notices are visibly posted to inform staff, participants and providers of the complaint process that has been adopted as a policy by the Board of Directors
  • Policies and procedures are developed in accordance with applicable laws that demonstrate our commitment to the principles of the laws and regulations
  • Compliance is monitored by monitors and the State of Kansas

For additional information contact the Equal Opportunity Officer:

Amanda Duncan
Director of Strategic Communication/Equal Opportunity Officer
300 W Douglas, Suite 850
Wichita, KS 67202