Patient Account Representative

Job Order # Company Job Type Salary Location Application Deadline
10270291 Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital Full Time DOE El Dorado, KS 03/22/2017
1) Work accounts aggressively and timely until they are paid or are turned to bad debt. Responsible for contributing directly to the measurement of days in Accounts Receivable and percentage of Bad Debt. 2) Responsible for processing and resolving denials on RAs, accurately and timely. 3) Responsible for identifying, educating and assisting in resolving errors in system or user processes to prevent claim denials and maintain compliance in the billing process. 4) Process accounts for discounts, write offs or refunds, timely and accurately. 5) Responsible for completing reports by verifying status for payment of account and aggressively resolving issues for accurate and timely payment, by given deadline. 6) Responsible for processing and completing Reminder requests within three (3) working days. 7) Responsible for maintaining knowledge of payor requirements such as CPT codes, HCPC codes and ICD-9 codes by attending department meetings, intermediary workshops, requested billing seminars and reading all insurance newsletters and materials updates. 8) Process Care Program (financial assistance) applications accurately and timely, according to department guidelines. 9) Responsible for identifying accounts requiring probate and/or lien filing, and processing the probate and/or lien accurately and timely, according to department policy. 10) Displays enthusiasm, an interest for work and a willingness to expand professional knowledge base. Responsible for retaining and performing any routine changes in patient account process, keeping abreast of any insurance updates or requirements.11) Performs other duties as assigned.

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QUALIFICATIONS Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Ability to read, spell and write clearly. Accurate typing, filing and calculating skills. Skills in performing Excel and Word functions. Communication and computer skills. Education: High School graduate Experience: Experience in working with the public, preferably in the medical environment. Experience in office procedures, preferably in the medical environment. Certification/Licensure: None. Code Blue Training: Ability to activate Code Blue system by dialing 200.
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