University Police Office Trainee (999681) Police Department

Job Order # Company Job Type Salary Location Application Deadline
10512903 Wichita State University Full-Time 16.26 Wichita, Ks 11/20/2017
Patrols University grounds and buildings, streets, etc., patrolling efforts are determined by the supervisor and may include patrolling by foot, bicycle, and vehicle. Safety patrols are designed to maintain public safety, prevent crime, enforce the law and traffic infractions, apprehend criminal offenders, and prevent and respond to violations of University and State of Kansas policies and regulations; responds to calls for help or emergency situations within the approved area of jurisdiction as defined by Kansas statute; calls for help or emergency situations may require officers running up building stairs, chasing offenders on foot or the use of great physicality in subduing offender(s); or defending against physical aggression; Utilizes and employs the appropriate law enforcement response in all situations. Interacts with University community members and other citizens within the jurisdiction of the University Police Department in an appropriate manner to further efforts to provide for public safety; prevent crime; and ensure compliance with University and State of Kansas policies and regulations ; provides crime prevention presentations. Performs all law enforcement related duties and responsibilities concerning the enforcement, detection, apprehension, and investigation of alleged criminal behavior within the University Police jurisdiction, as provided by Kansas law and provided in training approved or within guidelines recognized by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center or the University Police Department. Through observation, information gathering, and analysis, determines when to initiate criminal investigations and when and how to initiate proper and lawful warrant or warrantless arrests. Prepares appropriate written documentation of investigative efforts, consistent with departmental policies, procedures, regulations, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Follows all departmental policies and common police practices and standards in the identification, documentation, collection, and preservation of physical evidence. Locks and unlocks exterior doors on campus buildings and other interior doors as directed, in order to provide for the security of buildings and the property located within those buildings, consistent with departmental and university policies. Special building reservations may require additional locking and unlocking services. Provides special customer services as requested, such as, jump starts for dead batteries, assistance entering locked vehicles to retrieve vehicle keys, limited assistance with disabled automobile tires, providing assistance getting gas for stranded motorists, and provide escort service for faculty/staff and students on campus. Directs and controls pedestrian and vehicular traffic, when appropriate, to insure public safety. Investigates and properly documents traffic-related investigations. Enforces appropriate parking and traffic laws and University regulations. Cross-trained to perform dispatcher duties, when needed. Performs all generally accepted duties and responsibilities associated with law enforcement officers. Maintains certified law enforcement officer status as required by statute and department/university (completes yearly training requirements and other mandated training requirements and certifications). Minimum Education High School Diploma Minimum Experience Knowledge of the principles of police work. Knowledge of general law enforcement procedures. Ability to express ones self clearly and concisely, orally and in writing. Ability to understand and carry out oral and written orders. Ability to maintain an acceptable level of physical condition. Ability to interact with a variety of individuals to establish and maintain effective working relationships. Ability to accurately recall and to verbally present information concisely Knowledge, skills and abilities Knowledge of modern police methods and procedures. Knowledge of departmental rules and regulations and pertinent ordinances and laws. Knowledge of physical location assigned, including buildings, streets, and areas where more than police attention may be required. Knowledge of first aid and skill in its application. Knowledge of the rights of the criminally accused. Knowledge of criminal investigation techniques. Knowledge of the laws governing search and seizure. Knowledge of state and federal criminal law. Knowledge of interviewing and interrogation techniques. Knowledge of surveillance techniques. Knowledge of the harmful effects and dangers of drug usage. Knowledge of state and local motor vehicle laws. Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions, prepare clear and comprehensive reports. Ability to enforce laws, ordinances, and regulations with firmness, tact, and impartiality. Ability to deal firmly and tactfully with other employees, subordinates, and the public. Ability to analyze situations promptly and accurately, and to quickly adopt prompt, effective, and reasonable courses of action with due regard to surrounding hazards and circumstances. Ability to use and care for police equipment, including firearms and motor vehicles. Ability to qualify with duty weapon on a regular basis. Ability to observe situations analytically, impartially, and objectively, and to record pertinent information accurately and completely. Ability to work independently with or without detailed supervision. Ability to interview and/or interrogate others to elicit pertinent information. Ability to evaluate the relative importance of all information received. Ability to remain alert over long periods of time. Ability to remain calm under stressful conditions. Ability to read and comprehend written material for application to daily work. Ability to operate a motor vehicle. Ability to work long hours under difficult and arduous conditions. Required Licenses, Certificates & Registrations Valid drivers license Must complete a basic law enforcement training program recognized by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Commission and obtain certification as a law enforcement officer from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Commission before being given permanent status. Must complete and receive CJIS and NCIC certification within 6 months of employment or hire will be terminated Wichita State University does not discriminate in its employment practices, educational programs or activities on the basis of age, ancestry, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or status as a veteran.

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