Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST)

Eight workshop modules focus on the essential skills needed to be successful in the workplace. Success doesn't end at getting the job and the BEST workshops are designed to arm attendees with the skills needed to keep their job.

Module One: Getting a Job

  • Personal preferences/interests
  • Skills Assessment
  • Researching jobs
  • Resume development
  • Interviewing techniques

Module Two: Dependability

  • Discuss the impact of tardiness/absenteeism on efficiency and profitability
  • Review attendance policies from several local businesses
  • Complete a "Dependability Quiz" which presents a variety of real-life situations that affect attendance and tardiness
  • Develop a personal plan for emergency situations that may affect attendance at work

Module Three: Appearance, Health and Wellness

  • Discuss dress/appearance do's and don’ts
  • Review dress code from area employers
  • Complete activity on what is appropriate for the workplace or interview
  • Complete a “Personal Grooming & Health” checklist

Module Four: Power of a Positive Attitude

  • Understand self-esteem, attitude, self-confidence, assertiveness and how they relate to job success
  • Identify personal strengths and positive qualities
  • Examine the consequences of poor attitude
  • Participate in exercises/role play scenarios from the workplace that focus on positive attitude

Module Five: Keeping Your Job

  • Learn options for managing time (prioritizing, scheduling, using a calendar/planner, procrastination)
  • Review techniques for following directions and asking appropriate questions
  • Review strategies for working independently and with a team

Module Six: Working with the Public/Customer Service

  • Identify internal and external customers
  • View video “The Guest”
  • Review Do's and Don'ts of customer service (telephone and face-to-face)
  • Learn strategies for dealing with angry customers and resolving issues
  • Learn basic problem solving and interviewing techniques

Module Seven: Effective Communication

  • Learn and practice active listening techniques
  • Review assertive communication and "I" statements
  • Learn and practice strategies for resolving conflict
  • Become aware of other generations in the workplace and their influence on effective communication
  • Become aware of appropriate workplace conversations

Module Eight: Resolving Conflict

  • Become aware of causes of personal and organizational conflict
  • Review active listening techniques
  • Learn and practice strategies for mediating conflicts
  • Develop techniques for dealing with difficult people

How to Apply:

IMPORTANT—All attendees must complete the Workforce Center registration process prior to signing up for the desired workshop; this includes creating a KANSASWORKS “Plus Account.” Please contact the Workforce Center at or in person at 2021 N. Amidon, Suite 1100, Wichita, KS for additional information.