Resume Reviews

One-on-one resume evaluations conducted by our Workforce Professional staff.

Your resume is a summary of your background, skills, and qualifications. Consider it your personal marketing brochure with the single purpose of catching an employer’s attention and providing information to make them want to interview you.

 It’s a sales document, one you use to sell the product of “YOU” to employers. Is your resume showing your product at its best?  One way to tell if your resume is effective is to ask: "Am I getting interviews?" If you’re not or you are not getting the right type of interviews, then it may be time to evaluate your resume. Come down to a Workforce Center location near you and have one of our Workforce Professionals take a look. 

A resume reviews consists of the following:

  • Format
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Keywords
  • Matching to the job description
  • Achievement statements
  • Action verbs usage

How to Apply:

  • Complete eligibility
  • Have an updated resume ready to review

Helpful Information: