Services for Persons with Disabilities

Services for Persons with Disabilities
The Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas welcome all customers and provide reasonable accommodations to ensure that its buildings, programs, and services are accessible.

Persons with disabilities needing accommodations to participate in any Workforce Center programs or service should contact their local Workforce Center. Many of Workforce Center services are considered to be self-directed, meaning that they can be completed without staff assistance. However, the staff in our centers are always available to help answer your questions.

Assistive Technology
Our Career Centers have a variety of accessible equipment to assist people with disabilities in their job search efforts. Each One-Stop Career Center has different equipment so checking in with your local Center about the availability of equipment is advised. Examples include:

  • Screen reader and magnification software
  • Word prediction software
  • Text to speech software
  • Document scanner
  • TTY
  • Braille translator
  • Alternate access/input devices (i.e. one-handed keyboards, trackball mice, on-screen keyboards)
  • Large monitors
  • Headsets
  • Document holders
  • Adjustable desks

All of our Workforce Centers provide access to employment related services for job seekers with disabilities. These services include providing information, initiating referrals, one-on-one job coaching, job search assistance, job readiness training, interview preparation, and access to WIOA intensive and training services. Should more intensive services be needed a referral to our Disability Resource Coordinator can be made.

Helpful Information:

Kansas EmployAbility
A business resource for disability and employment. A place for employers to connect with job seekers, to post open positions, to find resources for hiring, retaining, and marketing to people with disabilities.

Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns
The Commission provides information to the public (communities and people) with disabilities on employment (work), school (to work or transition), home, play/community, youth issues, and disability history. KCDC is also an informational and referral resource for people who are not sure where to go for their problem or issue.

Resource Guide for Job Seekers with Disabilities