Veteran Services

Veteran Priority Statement

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) provides grant funds to provide employment and training services to eligible residents and workers. As a condition to receiving those funds, priority of service will be given to qualified veterans when referring individuals to job openings, DOL-funded training programs or related services. In accordance with the implementation of the Veterans' Priority Provisions of the "Jobs for Veterans Act" (PL 107-288), qualified veterans will receive priority referral to services over non-veterans as determined by each program's mandatory eligibility criteria. Information and assistance will be provided by Workforce Center staff regarding available employment programs, training opportunities and services, eligibility requirements, and veteran's priority. The KANSASWORKS registration process has been developed to determine veterans' eligibility, and an American Flag identifies veterans' resumes listed on KANSASWORKS for employers. Veterans are encouraged to avail themselves of these opportunities. For more information on program eligibility and Veteran Priority details visit or contact your local Workforce Center. Veteran Employment and Training staff and Workforce Center staff are available to explain program mandatory eligibility and veterans' priority. We also have staff available at our McConnell Access Point located at McConnell AFB.


Veteran Services

Employment and training services are available to eligible veterans through the Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas. Veterans should visit their local Workforce Center to determine their eligibility and meet with a Veterans Employment Specialist.

A Veterans Employment Specialist has a large reservoir of information about jobs, education/training opportunities, veterans’ rights and benefits, laws affecting veterans, employment trends, and all services available through the Workforce Centers:

  • One-on-one job search assistance
  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Referral to employment opportunities
  • Referral to veterans programs

Please bring your DD-214 (Member 4 or Service 2) with you when you visit.  If you do not have your DD-214, our Workforce Center staff will be glad to assist you in obtaining one or you can follow the links below:

How do I request my DD-214? - Online Request | Paper Request PDF

Contact: Larry Lee, Kansas Department of Commerce

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