Workforce Workshops

@Home Workshops: Our Workshops - Your Home 

   classes are offered virtually                                      




                                                                       Job Skills

Interview Bound   
Interview Skills taught virtually in real-time                                                               

Job Fair Prep   
Preparing for a job fair, taught virtually in real-time

Online Applications 
Tips for online job applications, done virtually in real-time

Resumes, Start to Finish

Starting off Right   
Tips and tricks for beginning a job search



In House Workshops: At the Workforce Center

    Taught by an instructor in a classroom setting


                                                              Computer Skills

Basic Computers 101
Introduction to using computers

Intermediate Excel
A more in-depth look at Microsoft Excel 2013

Introduction to Excel   
Beginner Microsoft Excel 2013                                                                            



                                                                     Job Skills


Creating Value - Soft Skills

Become more marketable by gaining the
intangibles employers are looking for

Interview Bound 
A comprehensive look at all things interview   


Stream @ Cowley

    Classes offered virtually in real-time


                                                                       Job Skills

Interview Bound     
All things dealing with interviewing

Online Applications
Applying online using desktop and mobile devices


Starting off Right
Tips and tricks for starting your job search



















Basic Computers 102 

A step up from introductory computer skills


Intermediate Microsoft Word 
A more in-depth look at Microsoft Word 2013

Introduction to Word   
Beginner Microsoft Word 2013






Mock Interviews/ Resume Reviews

Sharpen your interviewing skills with local professionals

Fundamentals of Resumes & Interviewing

Assistance with writing effective resumes and
with interviewing

Online Applications 101
Basics of applying for jobs online






Job Fair Prep
Prep work for attending job fairs in person 
or virtually

Resumes Start to Finish   
Tips and tricks for starting your job search