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Building You: Kansas Company hiring wind turbine technicians

Author: Lily Wu, KWCH Anchor/Reporter


WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Wichita-based company, Alltite, is hiring for wind turbine technicians.


“We want people that are going to be adventurers, that are willing to travel 100-percent of the time. Ultimately, that’s not for everybody, especially climbing on those 300 foot towers. It can be a little bit of a harrowing experience,” said Anne Smith, vice-president of opportunity at Alltite.


Smith describes the company as innovative and entrepreneurial. Alltite specializes in calibration and bolting in heavy industry and renewables.


“Tom (Smith) started Alltite in 2002. Tom was interested in creating a better solution for the industry, so he really wanted more innovative technology. He wanted to be able to make better procedures for customers, wanted to focus on the safety,” she said.


Wind turbine field service technicians get paid between $22 and $28 per hour. Plus, there is overtime and travel allowances.


“These are great paying jobs,” said Smith.


The company hired Jeff Hutchison in August as a wind turbine technician. He has since been promoted to a CRM crew resource manager.


“It does take somebody who is more or less a dare devil, somebody who does kind of want to be away from home, because we do a lot of traveling. It’s beautiful. We get to see the world. We’re looking down on it. But unfortunately, this job isn’t for everybody. It’s not certainly for the faint of heart,” said Hutchison.


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