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   Computer Skills                        


   Basic Computers 101
     Introduction to using computers

   Intermediate Excel
   A more in-depth look at Microsoft Excel 2013

   Introduction to Excel
   Beginner Microsoft Excel 2013

   Introduction to Word
   Beginner Microsoft Word 2013                                                    

                           Digital Skills                           

   Looking for even more computer training?

   Digital Skills enables participants to obtain
industry- recognized credentials from Google and Microsoft!

     Learn more about Digital Skills 

                             Job Skills                              

   Online Applications 101

   Applying online using desktop and mobile devices



Emails, Uploading, & Downloading 

Composing emails, uploading and downloading attachments

Navigating Windows and the Internet

Basic operations of  Microsoft Windows and browsing the internet

Intermediate Microsoft Word    
A more in-depth look at Microsoft Word 2013


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