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Building You: Laid off worker retrains, lands new career

Author: Lily Wu, KWCH Anchor/Reporter

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Many Kansans were laid off from the aviation industry last year, including a man we interviewed when we started the Building You series.


“It’s imperative that I get moving along. You can’t sit back and expect the government to take care of you,” said Paul Phelan, during our 2020 interview.


One year later, we find him in a new career as a diesel technician at Cummins.


“Unemployment and then TAA, this job,” said Phelan. “I’m back on track again and we are absolutely blessed to even be here.”


The 51-year-old went back to school during his unemployment and retrained for this new career.


“He didn’t waste anytime getting retrained and seeking out new opportunities for a new career. That definitely caught my eye, that he was that motivated,” said Randy Kemper, general manager at Cummins in Wichita/Park City.


He added, “When I look at any potential candidates, one of the key things that I look for is attitude and aptitude. If they have the right attitude and the right aptitude, we can train them.”


Kemper said they are currently hiring for field service technicians at their location.


To learn more about career opportunities with Cummins, click here.


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