Employer of Record Request for Proposals
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The Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas (Workforce Alliance) is requesting proposals from private or public sector entities (“proposers”) to provide Employer of Record Services clients/participants that participate in paid work experience through various grant funded programs/projects.  This Request for PROPOSALS (RFP) is a formal invitation to proposer’s to submit proposals in accordance with the requirements, specifications, and proposal format instructions in the following documents.

Request for Proposals

Debarment Statement

Signature Sheet


Important Dates

                                    January 5, 2023                         Request for Proposals Released

                                    January 19, 2023                       Pre Proposal Question Due

                                    January 26, 2023                       Pre Proposal Conference via Zoom at 3 pm

                                    February 16, 2023                     Proposals Due at 11 a.m. Central Time

                                    March 3, 2023                           Taskforce Review of Proposals and possible presentations

                                    March 8, 2023                           Board of Directors review Taskforce recommendation

                                    March 2023                               Contract Finalization

                                    July 1, 2023                               Contract Effective 


For general questions or for assistance with issues with accessing any of the documents please contact Chad Pettera via email at Chad@Workforce-ks.com or phone at 316 771 6602.


Article Categories: Procurements
Article Tags: Procurements