Registered Apprenticeships: Employers

Employers are the foundation of every Registered Apprenticeship program
They play an active role in building the program and remain involved every step of the way. Employers sometimes work together through industry associations, apprenticeship councils, labor-management unions, or other consortia to develop and maintain apprenticeship programs. 


  • Structured On-the-Job Training

    Employers develop an on-the-job training plan for apprentices using the identified skillsets for the occupation as a guide. On-the-job training is provided through an experienced mentor.


  • Related Instruction

    Registered Apprenticeship programs include related instruction that supplements on-the-job learning and provides the technical and academic competencies that apply to the job. This instruction can be delivered by an education/training provider or by the business itself.


  • Rewards for Skills Gains

    Apprentices earn competitive wages—a paycheck from day one and incremental raises as skill levels increase.


  • National Occupation Credential

       Every graduate of a Registered Apprenticeship program receives a nationally recognized credential that certifies that the worker is fully qualified for that occupation.


  • Program Flexibility

    Apprenticeship is a flexible training strategy that can be customized to meet the needs of any business. It can be integrated into an employer’s existing training and human resource development strategies. Businesses can implement “competency-based” programs that allow apprentices to progress at their own pace, using skill assessments to determine advancement. This model joins “time-based” programs that require apprentices to complete a specific number of hours in on-the-job training and RTI. Employers can use these models, or a hybrid of the two, to customize their apprenticeship programs.


Employer Reporting Requirements

  • Provide the Kansas Department of Commerce a signed copy of the Registered Apprenticeship Agreement (apprentice signature and sponsor signature)

  • Provide the Transmittal of Action (TOA) form to the Kansas Department of Commerce when an apprentice completes, transfers or exits the registered apprenticeship program.