Registered Apprenticeships: Job-Seekers

A Registered Apprenticeship program is an “Earn and Learn” model of training.

  • Earn Wages from Day 1:  Apprentices are paid employees during their training period.
  • Hands-on career training Apprentices receive practical on-the-job training in a wide variety of occupations and industries, including healthcare, construction, information technology, transportation, energy, and advanced manufacturing.
  • An education Apprentices receive hands-on training resulting in improved skills and competencies as well as the potential to earn college credit.
  • A career Once the registered apprenticeship is complete, workers are on their way to a successful long-term career with a competitive salary and little or no educational debt.
  • National credential When an apprentice graduates from a career training program, they earn a certified portable credential accepted by industries and employers across the US.