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File iconLocal Area IV Workforce Centers One Stop Services Integration Policy Draft.pdf
Size: 303 KB
Draft for public review and comment.
File iconCost Allocation Plan Policy 6-2023.docx
Size: 34 KB
WA Cost Allocation Policy
File iconWorkforce Centers Handbook.docx
Size: 1 MB
Workforce Centers Handbook, updated December 2023
File iconTransportation-of-Confidential-Information-Policy-June-2012.docx
Size: 23 KB
File iconRecord-Maintenance-and-Retention-Policy-August-2013-2.docx
Size: 24 KB
File iconPublic-Comment-August-2013-1.docx
Size: 24 KB
File iconProcurement Policy 10-2023.pdf
Size: 431 KB
October 2023
File iconProcess-for-Appointment-to-the-Board-of-Directors-June-2015.doc
Size: 32 KB
File iconMonitoring Policy updated 9-2023.pdf
Size: 158 KB
September 2023
File iconMobile-Computer-Lab-Policy.doc
Size: 42 KB
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