KANSAS WorkReady! Assessment

The Kansas WORKReady! Certificate is a nationally recognized certificate that lets EMPLOYERS know a job candidate's skills before they even walk into the interview. JOB SEEKERS present their Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Certificate to EMPLOYERS as proof of skills in reading, locating information, and mathematics.

As a JOB SEEKER, why would I want a Kansas WORKReady! Certificate?

You know you're talented. You know you can do the job better than anyone. You just need a chance to prove it to employers. The Kansas WORKReady! Certificate can help!

Job seekers should call or visit a Workforce Center to sign up for the free Kansas WORKReady! skills assessment.

Can I practice before taking the assessment?

You can review your skills before taking the assessment by using the KeyTrain tutorial system from the comfort of your own home or by using any internet connected computer.

As an EMPLOYER, why should I be interested in the Kansas WORKReady! Certificate?

An employer uses the Kansas WORKReady! certificate as an additional tool to identify quality applicants.

Kansas WORKReady! uses WorkKeys® assessments to award Career Readiness Certificates to individuals to document their skills in:

  • Applied Math, which measures the skills people use when they apply mathematical reasoning and problem-solving techniques to work-related problems.
  • Graphic Literacy, which measures the skill people use when they work with workplace graphics such as charts, graphs, tables, forms, maps, diagrams, and instrument gauges.
  • Workplace Documents, which measures the skill people use when they read and use written text in order to do a job such as memos, letters, directions, signs, policies, and regulations.

WorkKeys® is a reliable and nationally validated system evaluating and analyzing workplace skills. Thousands of jobs are "profiled" to identify skill levels necessary to perform each job. Skills measured by WorkKeys® are transferable skills - skills necessary for most jobs. Tasks are based on workplace situations and do not require job-specific knowledge.

What do the four different Levels of the Kansas WORKReady! Certificate mean?

  • Bronze Level - Core skills for approximately 30% of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys.
  • Silver Level - Core skills for approximately 70% of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys.
  • Gold Level - Core skills for approximately 90% of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys.
  • Platinum Level - Core skills for approximately 99% of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys.

KANSAS WORKReady Certificate Brochure